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Readers ask: Bus Malaga To Nerja?

How do I get from Malaga to Nerja?

The train from the airport to the station is the quickest and easiest option, taking around 15 mins. Trains depart every 30 minutes. There are daily departures from Malaga to Nerja, roughly every hour or so, starting at around 7:00 and finishing at around 23:00.

Is there a train from Nerja to Malaga?

It’s 42 miles from Nerja to Malaga. There are no trains, no railway even. It’s so easy on the bus to Malaga, get off at the port (just follow everyone else). call in at the nearby tourist office for a map and info.

How much is a taxi from Malaga airport to Nerja?

How much does taxi cost from Malaga Airport to Nerja? A taxi cost between Malaga Aiport and Nerja is metered, but an approximate fare is around 81€.

How do you pay for the bus in Malaga?

A single bus ticket within the Malaga urban area costs 1.30€. You can also buy a 10-journey ticket for 8.30€ or a monthly bus pass for 39.95€. With your student card and valid ID, you can also get a 27€ monthly student bus pass. None of the passes are valid for the airport bus, however, which costs 3€ one-way.

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Is Nerja worth visiting?

Despite being relatively small, its 22,000 inhabitants can rightfully boast of their wonderful white-washed homes—which have afforded the town its place among the ‘White Villages’—crystal clear waters, 16km of beach, and many other things to do that make Nerja a must-see if you’re visiting the east of Malaga province.

Which is better Seville or Malaga?

Malaga always has better weather than Seville, whether in summer or winter. To relax, Malaga is the place to go, although Seville is very charming and completely unforgettable. Both cities represent two different faces of Andalusia, with Seville being more traditional and Malaga more modern.

Is there a train station in Nerja?

The nearest mainline train station to Nerja is Malaga – Maria Zambrano.

What airport do you fly to for Nerja?

The nearest airport to Nerja is in Malaga. This is 43.5 miles away from Nerja: about 50Mins by car. This is the best airport to look at if you want to book flights to Nerja, although there are some alternative options in and around Andalusia.

How far is Malaga from Nerja?

The distance from Malaga to Nerja is approximately 70 kilometres and journey time should be in and around 45 minutes to 1 hour 10 minutes depending on traffic.

Is there a train from Malaga airport to Nerja?

Train from Malaga airport to Nerja

Unfortunately, there is currently no train from Malaga to Nerja, the only option would be to take a train to Maria Zambrano Station and from there walk 5 minutes to the bus station. For more information about commuter trains from Malaga airport you can visit our guide.

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What are the beaches like in Nerja?

Beaches in Nerja

  • Burriana Beach. A busy beach popular with tourists and locals alike.
  • La Torrecilla. Close to the center of town this is a horseshoe shaped beach just in front of the RIU Monica hotel with plenty of options for lunch.
  • Maro Beach.
  • El Salon.
  • El Playazo.
  • El Chucho.
  • La Calahonda.
  • Carabeo.

Where in Spain is Nerja?

Nerja (pronounced [ˈneɾχa]) is a municipality on the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. It is part of the comarca of La Axarquía. It is on the country’s southern Mediterranean coast, about 50 km east of Málaga.

Is Malaga a walkable city?

Malaga is a walkable city

Plus, with the sunny weather, it’s always nice to set out on foot. It takes less than 20 minutes to walk from the city center to the beach.

Can you drink tap water in Malaga?

Yes, you can drink the tap water in Malaga and Marbella. The tap water in Malaga and surrounding areas is safe to drink even though it doesn’t taste great. Many people choose bottled water due to taste preference. If you don’t like the taste of tap water, try an affordable water filter such as TAPP 2.

Is there Uber in Malaga?

Can I request a ride with Uber at Málaga Airport? Uber is available at Málaga Airport, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go.

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