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Readers ask: Bus From Nerja To Malaga Airport?

Is there a bus from Nerja to Malaga airport?

The bus transfer from Málaga airport to Nerja is comfortable as they use air conditioned coaches and it is very cheap! Currently around 6 Euros! From the airport to Málaga the train is both quicker and cheaper. The station is clearly signposted from the arrivals hall.

Is there a train from Malaga airport to Nerja?

Train from Malaga airport to Nerja

Unfortunately, there is currently no train from Malaga to Nerja, the only option would be to take a train to Maria Zambrano Station and from there walk 5 minutes to the bus station. For more information about commuter trains from Malaga airport you can visit our guide.

How much is a taxi from Malaga airport to Nerja?

How much does taxi cost from Malaga Airport to Nerja? A taxi cost between Malaga Aiport and Nerja is metered, but an approximate fare is around 81€.

How far is it from Nerja to Malaga?

It’s 42 miles from Nerja to Malaga.

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Is there a train station in Nerja?

The nearest mainline train station to Nerja is Malaga – Maria Zambrano.

Is Nerja worth visiting?

Despite being relatively small, its 22,000 inhabitants can rightfully boast of their wonderful white-washed homes—which have afforded the town its place among the ‘White Villages’—crystal clear waters, 16km of beach, and many other things to do that make Nerja a must-see if you’re visiting the east of Malaga province.

What airport do you fly to for Nerja?

The nearest airport to Nerja is in Malaga. This is 43.5 miles away from Nerja: about 50Mins by car. This is the best airport to look at if you want to book flights to Nerja, although there are some alternative options in and around Andalusia.

What are the beaches like in Nerja?

Beaches in Nerja

  • Burriana Beach. A busy beach popular with tourists and locals alike.
  • La Torrecilla. Close to the center of town this is a horseshoe shaped beach just in front of the RIU Monica hotel with plenty of options for lunch.
  • Maro Beach.
  • El Salon.
  • El Playazo.
  • El Chucho.
  • La Calahonda.
  • Carabeo.

Where in Spain is Nerja?

Nerja (pronounced [ˈneɾχa]) is a municipality on the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga in the autonomous community of Andalusia in southern Spain. It is part of the comarca of La Axarquía. It is on the country’s southern Mediterranean coast, about 50 km east of Málaga.

How far is Estepona from Malaga airport?

From Malaga Airport to Estepona, it´s around 84 km, depending on whereabouts in Estepona you´re staying. Don´t forget about Gibraltar Airport which is another option and also Jerez if you´re staying inland.

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How do you get from Nerja to Malaga caves?

If you choose to go by car, you can take the A7/E15 Autovía del Mediterráneo coastal highway from Malaga to Almeria. The caves lay close to the 295 exit (Cueva de Nerja). The bus company ALSA also provides frequent daily trips from Malaga to the Caves of Nerja, which cost € 4 to 5, depending on the time you leave.

How far is Nerja to Granada?

The distance from Nerja to Granada by coach is around 33 miles (53 km) and the most affordable Alsa ticket for this journey costs as little as £9.

How far is Nerja to Marbella?

How far is it from Nerja to Marbella? It is 94 km from Nerja to Marbella. It is approximately 117 km to drive.

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