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Often asked: Marbella Bus Station To Malaga Airport?

How do I get from Malaga bus station to the airport?

Bus “Línea A Express” (A Express line).

The A Express line (EMT Málaga) is a bus line which circulates between the city centre and the airport. A Express bus stop at the airport: Terminal T3 level 0, Arrivals sidewalk.

How much is the bus from Malaga airport to Marbella?

The bus fare between Malaga airport and Marbella is 9.20€. Tickets are available for purchase from the website or via the ticket sales booth located in the terminal 3 building before you exit to the stop. Beware that it is best to book in advance as there may be a queue for tickets.

Is there a bus from Malaga airport to Marbella?

Direct Bus Malaga Airport to Marbella. There is a direct bus from Malaga Airport which will take you directly to and from Marbella Bus Station. The journey takes around 45 minutes.

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Is there a train from Malaga airport to Marbella?

Malaga Airport to Marbella By Train

The train only runs as far as Fuengirola. Read more about Malaga Airport train here. You could take the train to Fuengirola and then a bus to Marbella, but it´s probably better to take the direct bus to Marbella as mentioned below.

How much is taxi from Malaga to Marbella?

What is the cost of a taxi from Malaga Airport to Marbella? It costs €64 for a pre-booked taxi for up to 4 passengers from AGP to Marbella. Standard Malaga Airport taxis cost around €65 – €75 depending on the day and time.

How do I get from Malaga airport to the train station?

To get to Malaga airport’s train station, you only have to cross the square outside the arrivals terminal. Malaga airport trains connect the airport with the Maria Zambrano long-distance train station in Malaga centre and with Fuengirola on the other end, known as the C-1 suburban line.

How do you get around in Marbella?

Getting Around Marbella

  1. Getting around Marballa. As with any popular holiday destination, transport in and out of Marbella is abundant, and easy.
  2. Walking.
  3. Horse and Carriage.
  4. Taxi.
  5. Car hire.
  6. Bus.
  7. Boat.

Which airport do you fly into for Marbella?

Unfortunately there is no Marbella airport, however there are some airports close to Marbella: Malaga airport, Gibraltar airport, Jerez airport and Granada airport. There are private transfers services if you are coming to Marbella from any airport at excellent prices and with a great service.

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How do I get from Malaga to Marbella?

From the center of Malaga, Get on to the MA-20 via Avenida de Andalucia. Follow the AP-7 in direction Marbella for roughly 30 minutes, then take exit 184. Drive on to Avenida Arias de Velasco and follow Calle Juan Alameda to Avenida de Nabeul.

How much are taxis in Marbella?

Taxi fares are based on the current taxi tariffs of Marbella

Taxi rate Initial Charge Price per kilometer
Day tariff 3.17 € 0.96 €
Night tariff 3.96 € 1.20 €
Weekend all-day 3.96 € 1.20 €

How do I get from Malaga airport to Puerto Banus?

Malaga Airport to Puerto Banus by Bus

If your only option is a bus, then there is a direct bus from Malaga Airport to Marbella Bus Station which is 8 km away from Puerto Banus. So you would then need to take another bus, taxi or have someone pick you up.

How do I get from Malaga airport to the city?

The most efficient option is hiring a Malaga airport taxi, which will cost approximately 28€ and will take 15 minutes. The train is a quick option, taking only 12 minutes and costing 1.80€. Finally, there is the option of a bus, which costs 3€ and takes around 20 minutes to reach the centre.

Does Malaga airport have a train station?

Train Málaga airportAirport train station. The Renfe C1 train Line -Fuengirola-Málaga Centro Alameda- connects the city with Málaga airport. The underground train station is located under terminal T3 and it is accessed from the terminal T3 gate through the transport interchange.

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Is there a train station in Marbella?

The nearest mainline train station to Marbella is Malaga. There is a Cercania service that operates from Fuengirola to other localities, it also connects to Málaga Train Station.

Is there Uber in Marbella?

UBER: The Uber service in Marbella is for licensed drivers, so those who already have an SP License. 200 licenses have been given out and you can now order an UBER (with the Uber app) from anywhere along the Coast from Malaga to Marbella, covering 60km.

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