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FAQ: Malaga To Marbella Taxi?

How do I get from Malaga to Marbella?

Taking the bus directly from Málaga to Marbella is an easy and cheap way to get between the two via public transit. The ride takes about 1 hour, 10 minutes and costs about $8. Avanza Grupo buses depart from the Málaga bus station every 30 minutes and Interbus departs hourly.

How much is uber from Malaga airport to Marbella?

From Marbella to Malaga airport, an Uber estimates €68.43, but residents in Marbella know it’s around the €60 mark in a hailed cab.

How much is the toll from Malaga to Marbella?

Tolls are expensive during high season (from June to September and in Easter) and you’ll find several sections: From Málaga to Marbella: 7,5€ in Summer/Easter and 4,6€ the rest of the year. From Málaga to Calahonda: 4,7€ in Summer/Easter and 2,9€ the rest of the year.

Is there Uber in Marbella?

UBER: The Uber service in Marbella is for licensed drivers, so those who already have an SP License. 200 licenses have been given out and you can now order an UBER (with the Uber app) from anywhere along the Coast from Malaga to Marbella, covering 60km.

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Is there a train from Malaga to Marbella?

So while there’s no train from Malaga to Marbella, this makes for an easy alternative! The C-1 cercanías train line departs every twenty minutes from 6.20 AM to 11.20 PM, and takes around 45 minutes to reach Fuengirola; a ticket is €1,80.

What airport do you fly to for Marbella?

Unfortunately there is no Marbella airport, however there are some airports close to Marbella: Malaga airport, Gibraltar airport, Jerez airport and Granada airport. There are private transfers services if you are coming to Marbella from any airport at excellent prices and with a great service.

Is there Uber in Malaga?

Uber is available at Málaga Airport, so you can enjoy a convenient and comfortable trip to wherever you need to go. Uber pickup locations at airports are subject to change, so to find your pickup location, always check the Uber app after you request a ride.

How far is Malaga airport to Marbella?

How far is it from Malaga Airport to Marbella? Marbella is located around 51 km away from Malaga Airport on the quickest route (which contains tolls). The journey should take around 37 minutes via this route.

How much is a taxi from Malaga airport to Malaga Centre?

How much is a taxi from Malaga Airport to the city centre? A taxi taken from Malaga Airport has a start fee of 5.50€ and is a metered journey. The total cost to the city is approximately 20€ in standard tariff.

Is the AP 7 toll free?

Two new motorway routes on the AP7 will become tollfree: the 246km section between Tarragona and La Jonquera (Girona province) and the 179km section between the municipalities of Montmeló and El Papiol.

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Is the a7 in Spain a toll road?

The Autovía A-7 (also called Autovia del Mediterráneo) is a Spanish autovía (toll-free limited-access highway) which starts in La Jonquera, near the French frontier and ends in Algeciras.

Is Marbella safe?

Today, Marbella is even more safe for its residents and tourists. There are no dangerous areas known for assaults, robberies, gang and drug violence, no homeless population. Children of those legionaries became policemen (hereditary profession in Spain).

Is there a train from Malaga airport to Marbella?

Malaga Airport to Marbella By Train

The train only runs as far as Fuengirola. Read more about Malaga Airport train here. You could take the train to Fuengirola and then a bus to Marbella, but it´s probably better to take the direct bus to Marbella as mentioned below.

Is there a bus from Malaga to Marbella?

Direct Bus Malaga Airport to Marbella. There is a direct bus from Malaga Airport which will take you directly to and from Marbella Bus Station. The journey takes around 45 minutes. The timetables change to summer/winter around the 15th June & 15th September and below you will find the updated winter schedule.

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